Snakes on a Screen

The processing assignment we were tasked with, was an exercise in iterative art. So in the theme of the assignment, my code went through various iterations. Inspired by the guest lecture by Ted Mittew, I failed early and often. The first class I made using help from the MEDA102 Gist page and a YouTube tutorial, however my code didn’t execute as intended. The first 4 images show my first attempt at making a moving object. My code now creates a dynamic artwork different in every iteration. The code generates an array of bouncing snake that leaves a geometric trail, similar in aesthetic to an Aztec inscription. By altering the randomness of the speed of the snakes and the position of the squares I was able to capture the desired aesthetic in every random iteration of the code. Similar to LeWitts wall drawings, the code is a set of instructions generating a new interpretation of the artwork.

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