Hurt – Hydrogen/Roller Mobster/Acid Spit – Hotline Miami 1+2 Soundtrack – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Hurt is the 3rd and probably the final remix in my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

It is a remix of 3 songs from the Hotline Miami 1 and 2 Official Sound track: Hydrogen, Roller Mobster and Acid Spit.

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Burn Heal – PokeMart/Who killed Mickey – BCM112 Digital Artifact

My second Remix is finally up.

For this one, rather than putting beat samples to a song, I have attempted to fuse two existing songs in a Remix.

It’s different to the first in its own ways, but I’m hoping the third Remix will be even better

Stay tuned.

It’s a Zelda Remix – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Awww Yeahh. It’s a Zelda remix.


This is the first of my remixes for my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

I will attempt to remix and change various video game theme songs. This is the first of several I will be making. The quality of my first hopefully will not be representative of the ones to follow.

This remix uses the Zelda shop music with samples from Counter Strike, Star Wars and other sample packs that can be found online.

The inspiration for this track came from another remix of the same music.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment, criticize, like, play, download or whatever cool kids do these days.

Remix Culture: Because it can always be worse

Go ahead. Laugh and cringe at how bad it is. I know it too!

This is laughable remix of last weeks lecture on remix culture.

Understandably, I am no bedroom producer and I claim to have no talent in the art of remixing. The point of this remix is to prove that anything can be remixed by anyone to create there own message.

You might find some amazing remixes on sound cloud or YouTube, but now the internet has my monstrosity.

And that’s the point of Remix Culture; not necessarily to make ears bleed or make people cry, but to take something, flip it, fix it, remix it and make it their own.

This is my remix and it’s rubbish!