To their own beat

To hide something from you family can be a big deal. Lying and deception can be damaging to your relationships, but sometimes it can be a necessity. In circumstances it can be to protect them from things you wouldn’t want them to know, or it can be to preserve the status quo.

I spoke to Alex, a young aspiring musician who hides his aspirations from his family. Currently, Alex is still in high school and is about to commence his final year. When he spoke to me, he revealed what he is hiding from his parents. His true passion lies with music and arts, but his parents have made it clear what they want from his education; a degree and a “normal” career.

Alex has played along with them, and has hidden his true intentions. “I tell them I want to take a gap year… but I want to spend that year trying to get into the music industry…it’s possible I won’t even go to university.”

Alex told me his parents support his artistic side, but heavily encourages the importance of tertiary education and a proper, well defined career.

Max, another musician based in Sydney, has had a similar experience. To live in Sydney and enjoy the life he does, Max like lot’s of people his age need the financial support of their family. Max, has been studying and Sydney University, but as he made clear to me, it’s just so he can afford to play music.

At the end of the day, both Max and Alex have a fine and beautiful talent, and it’s their own future.

Soon enough, they won’t have to hide, as they both have the ability to shape their passion into a career and pursue their goals.

2025: Hard pressed to find a newspaper?

Without a doubt the shape of modern journalism is changing with new technologies and innovation. But there are areas of journalism how are struggling to change and evolve.

Drone Journalism in action. Photo source:

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A short conversation with Catherine Wilson.

Catherine Wilson is a gifted young writer with a healthy habit of documenting her day’s events, with details about interesting conversations and the pieces she finds in them.

“The goal is to be happy in my life and with what I’m doing”

I sat down with Cat on Tuesday to talk to her about her interests in journalism but quickly found she had a wealth of writing experience outside the field of journalism and study. She called it stupid but what she told me was far from it.

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Gamergate: Last life for game journalists, full health for gamers.

If you’ve never heard about GamerGate then you either don’t play video games, or you’ve been playing too many to notice it in the media.

GamerGate is a whirlpool of misrepresented facts, feminist/misogynistic slander, and a whole heap of questions about ethics in video game journalism.

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End of print media ≠ End of Journalism

But does the rise of internet news subscriptions and a decline in newspaper and magazine sales mean the end of journalism?

There are lots of unknowns and fears in journalism today such as the rise of citizen journalism and the misinformation that ensues and journalistic ethics and credibility in the public sphere that the Scott McIntyre example has proven.

But one fear that has since subsided in the mainstream publications is the ‘death of journalism’ that online news was going to cause. Print media such as newspapers and magazines have since been made available online and news can now be found from thousands of sources all over the internet.

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TFW you realize, we’re all citizen journalists.

Sudden Clarity Clarence

This Clarity Clarence meme was my exact face in the week 8 lecture when BCM112 Lecturer Ted Mitew told us the “We are all citizen journalists”

This meme is simply a representation of this realization.

Of course there are lots of issues surrounding citizen journalism but the first is accepting the fact that we all have the opportunity and means to participate in citizen journalism.