Time to think.

When our lecturer Susan asked us all “Where are you in your lives now?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s that question I’ve been asking myself for a while now. I’m not convinced that I could be the only Uni student living out of home with little, to no money, trying to cook decent meals each night, sitting up with my roommates discussing our meaning on the earth, drinking $10 plonk and wondering aloud “What is the point of all this?”

But Susan has given me the opportunity to think about this ambiguous question. Media Space. How does my current space in time relate to media. Time and Space. Maybe now I can try and answer Susan’s question.

We humans are physical, three dimensional beings, living in a reality of a material world. Everything we perceive is physical and tangible. Granted there are exceptions (that prove the rule) like the internet. Media.

Our physical lives change the way we engage, interact, experience digital media and the internet. We have Wi-Fi for instance. Secure safe zones where we can digitally connect ourselves though devices like phones, computers, consoles. Wander too far from the zone and you’re in the wild. No bars as they say.  Now every phone has 3 or 4G connectivity so wandering out of these WI-Fi zones has an illusion of safety. You can roam the streets, constantly connected.

Before Wi-Fi, internet came in copper wires that were plugged into terminals. Internet cafes, library computers, the information superhighway, were the digital portals of our ancestors. From confinement, to freedom; we’re endlessly connected and free to roam. (Just don’t turn on data roaming or the provider you’re with will rack up your data bill and we’ve all been there)

Media Space has expanded. It’s all around us now. We can access an immense database of knowledge with spectacular ease. Just pick up your phone and google something you didn’t know. Or open a new tab and search a random Wikipedia page. By the time you’ve learned something new, come back and read the rest of this post so I can get to my point.

Technology is an extension of ourselves as humans. Media Space is (or I should say ‘Can be’) surrounding us at all times. I mentioned above that this was about Space and Time. As humans beings we are subject to the arrow of time. Elliot puts it nicely.

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future

T.S Elliot

The future is a culmination of all things past and everything present. The extent of our potential knowledge is dictated to us by time. We are here, in this time. We are Now. This is the Media Space we are in. Not physically but temporally.

Thank you to Susan for prompting this long awaited ambiguous answer.