Aylien- Twitter analysis

This is my YouTube post for the BCM112 assignment.

Its a short tutorial on how to install and use Aylien which is a text analysis Add-on for Google Sheets.

Its very simple to set up and use had has many functions such as Hashtag suggestion and Sentiment analysis.

The Add-on can be found at aylien.com

Hope you enjoy the video (:

It’s a Zelda Remix – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Awww Yeahh. It’s a Zelda remix.


This is the first of my remixes for my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

I will attempt to remix and change various video game theme songs. This is the first of several I will be making. The quality of my first hopefully will not be representative of the ones to follow.

This remix uses the Zelda shop music with samples from Counter Strike, Star Wars and other sample packs that can be found online.

The inspiration for this track came from another remix of the same music.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment, criticize, like, play, download or whatever cool kids do these days.

Media: “DO as we SAY. NOT what we DO” – The sexualisation of Children

The over sexualisation of children in the media has become somewhat of a moral panic. Much like, child obesity, terrorism and young street gangs. Stanley Cohen describes Moral panics as episodes that condition the audience of mass media, into identifying a specific person of group of persons as as threat to societal values. (Cohen, 1972)

Moral panics seem to be prevalent in contemporary mass media today, with young Australian ISIS supporters, ominous effects of fast foods and over sexualisation of children. These examples share a common trend, the corruption of innocence.
The image of children is largely presumed as innocent. Fresh, young, and only brushing the surface of education and emotional knowledge. But the media would have us believe us (and rightfully so(in a way)) that the subversion and undermining of this innocence is the moral panic that we should be concerned about.

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JRNL101: Student Life

Student life can get pretty hazy. Lots of people leave home and the new freedom leads them to late alcohol fueled party nights. This can be the highlight of the years after high school for some, but it can lead to all sorts of problems in people who don’t have self-control. The balance between responsibility and freedom; between the work load and the party/relaxation time, can be a difficult walk to walk. Student life is about finding this balance and being in control of it.
Living away from home can be a testing experience for some. The qualities that have been taught over the first 18 years of your life can disappear in an instant. Tidiness and cleanliness are the first casualties of campus life, as some are inevitably sucked into a downward spiral of clutter and piggery. This is a rather sobering reality for some. Not to say that everyone will fall victim of laziness, Many can keep their tidy virtues during the transition. It’s just another struggle that university students face.


JRNL101: Peer Potraits

Some University students don’t know what their dream is. They float and let the wind take them. But for Tayla Robin, her dreams are very clear. Her double degree has been carefully picked so she can “be in every corner of creative writing.” Being a novelist is the big dream and to ease her way through “the cutthroat process of getting a book published” Tayla will work as an editor, gaining valuable publishing experience. Being solely reliant on her fiction books is Tayla’s dream and her degree will take her all the way there.
With a big smile, comes big dreams. Kimberly Perlowski is a student here at UOW. Her dream is to write for a fashion magazine and to surround herself with clothes. “The pin board is blank now, but soon it’ll be with covered with magazine clippings, photos of my loved ones and Disney quotes.” Living on Campus East is a stepping stone for Kim; one day, she’ll be living in Sydney writing for magazines and chasing her dream. For lots of university students, following their dream leads them to all sorts of interesting places.
Some see their dreams as simply a goal to achieve, while others see it as a hallway of doors, full of opportunity. Cat Wilson has a dream that will take her through a degree in International studies and media. “International Studies was extremely exciting for me cause it allowed me to pursue my interest in International affairs and relations whilst also putting me on the road to what I’ve always wanted to do which is Media” Following her dream, Cat will be making new friends and having plenty of new experiences on the way which she is very excited about.