Android rooting

One of the differences between iOS and Android is the ability to Root the Android device.

This allows the user to access the boot loader, custom recovery and change many aspects of the software.

This prezi is a very brief explanation of two of the things I personally have changed on my phone using the Root access privileges.

Before you find out how to Root your Android DO YOUR RESEARCH. In the process of rooting and making changes to my phone I lost a lot of data. BACK UP YOU PHONE BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING. You can permanently damage your phone if you make mistakes. Read about Boot loops and find out how to fix one if you get one.

There are hundreds of Rooting for tutorials so just look up you phone and make sure its compatible with your current version of Android.

Here are some sources and useful links:

Rooting Tutorials
Custom Kernels
10 reasons to root your phone 

EULA: Apple’s answer to terrorism?

So one day, years from now, you’ll be organising you iTunes library, adding album art and changing the mp3 tags and sorting the whole library by artist. But you’ll be sitting there and you’ll think to yourself,

“Man, iTunes would be a great way to make nuclear weapons. Or better still, Biological weapons!”


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Anti-social media and Narcissus’s new profile picture

When asked to consider the effects of media and media anxieties, the typical Facebook socialite will tell you that he/she has X number of friends and that Facebook shouldn’t be considered as a factor to increased anti-social behavioral patterns.

But when asked how many of those friends they know out of the confines of a media platform, they will shrivel up back into their smartphone and into their keyboard warrior alter ego and post a passive aggressive rant for all their “friends” to see.


Its probably happened to you too. You’ve messaged a friend for a coffee and a catch up and you have exchanged some obligatory small talk. But before long, you’ll find one, if not both of you, craning your neck down to align your optical receptors with the pale glow of your phone. It’s become a crutch.

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Social media limitations breed more creative humans.


An interesting trend, common in popular social media is the introduction of creative limitations. Snapchat, Vine and even Twitter have limitations on how the user publishes content. Normally, a limitation would become a downside the functionality of the platform but these apps have proven to be incredibly successful despite the limitations. The internet has given users infinite possibilities, but these social media applications have restricted their users either by 140 character limits, disappearing photos and only six seconds of video footage. So what other creative limitations can be restricted to encourage new and more innovative creativity.

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Week One

cropped-uni-life.jpgFirst week of University is now in the bag. Considering all the things I thought I would be doing after my first week -writing a blog post was only 3rd on the list, closely behind vomiting half a case of Carlton Mid into a patch of soiled grass behind Campus East Slums, and emptying my Inbox of spam mail while sorting socks.

(Un)fortunately, I am doing neither of those coming out of my first two days. I’m planning my next week, learning buildings and testing campus food -which is actually pretty good- and I’m setting up this blog that you’re currently reading if that fact somehow eluded you.

Once, back in what my clique of friends called the glory days of irresponsible and negligent summer holiday loitering, I had a Tumblr. I would write little pieces on there but mostly I’d reblog pop culture icons, pictures of sexy musicians and their sexy guitars and movie gifs. And that’s the extent of my blogging knowledge. To my knowledge the Tumblr is still active and can be found if you look hard enough (or just check my about page probably)

This blog however, is going to be different. This will be my platform to raise questions concerning me and addressing issues I find in day-to-day life. I will find someway to incorporate some form of segregation between satire pieces and all serious work for my classes. This blog will be used for BCM110, BCM 112 and JRNL101 as I’m sure it will be used for more subjects to come.

If you’re along for the ride then please enjoy what is to come. I have experience in writing and I intend to have things up here regularly.

Harry Brandon