Cabinet & Collection


  1. a place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited.


Before museums, wonder rooms were the fad of collectors and artists. Vast collections of objects both simple, and elaborate artworks. Shells, precious stones, paintings, and machines. These vast collections were catalysts for curiosity and wonder.

A curiosity cabinet filled with all kind of objects and artworks. Stimulation for wonderment.

Each material object exits beyond its materiality. Where has this object been? Who owned this and how has it come to be here?

“props to better understand the world” –Barbara Stafford

The universe is not static but a drama of possible realities. With rooms filled with objects and art works, the audience creates their own narratives about the objects and the world around them. Wonder is an interactive emotion.

Museums came from wonder rooms, with both the British and Oxford museum being founded around large collections that once were wunderkammers. However museums classified and organized the objects and thus change the narrative of the objects. The goal of this narrative is to educate.

Our curiosity has changed. Wonderment is an emotion of imagination marvel and speculation. It is an interactive experience, heightened by the awe of wondrous rooms filled with small and large curiosities.