Hurt – Hydrogen/Roller Mobster/Acid Spit – Hotline Miami 1+2 Soundtrack – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Hurt is the 3rd and probably the final remix in my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

It is a remix of 3 songs from the Hotline Miami 1 and 2 Official Sound track: Hydrogen, Roller Mobster and Acid Spit.

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Burn Heal – PokeMart/Who killed Mickey – BCM112 Digital Artifact

My second Remix is finally up.

For this one, rather than putting beat samples to a song, I have attempted to fuse two existing songs in a Remix.

It’s different to the first in its own ways, but I’m hoping the third Remix will be even better

Stay tuned.

TFW you realize, we’re all citizen journalists.

Sudden Clarity Clarence

This Clarity Clarence meme was my exact face in the week 8 lecture when BCM112 Lecturer Ted Mitew told us the “We are all citizen journalists”

This meme is simply a representation of this realization.

Of course there are lots of issues surrounding citizen journalism but the first is accepting the fact that we all have the opportunity and means to participate in citizen journalism.

Aylien- Twitter analysis

This is my YouTube post for the BCM112 assignment.

Its a short tutorial on how to install and use Aylien which is a text analysis Add-on for Google Sheets.

Its very simple to set up and use had has many functions such as Hashtag suggestion and Sentiment analysis.

The Add-on can be found at

Hope you enjoy the video (:

YouTube Empowerment: Good Luck


It can be hard to make funny or original video content. YouTube has over 1 Billion users, which is a lot of competition considering that’s almost 1/7th of the worlds population.

HowToBasic is the most subscribed to channel in Australia. This prospect could be daunting if you’ve even seen HowToBasic’s videos. They are very funny and strangely original.

My Neverland meme expresses the disillusionment of new YouTubers who inevitably feel the daunting pressure of the billion competitors.

Even if your work is funny, entertaining or original, the chances of people actually seeing it and subscribing to your channel.

One day you’ll make it with a lot if hard work, dedication and a lot of luck


It’s a Zelda Remix – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Awww Yeahh. It’s a Zelda remix.


This is the first of my remixes for my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

I will attempt to remix and change various video game theme songs. This is the first of several I will be making. The quality of my first hopefully will not be representative of the ones to follow.

This remix uses the Zelda shop music with samples from Counter Strike, Star Wars and other sample packs that can be found online.

The inspiration for this track came from another remix of the same music.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment, criticize, like, play, download or whatever cool kids do these days.