Hurt – Hydrogen/Roller Mobster/Acid Spit – Hotline Miami 1+2 Soundtrack – BCM112 Digital Artifact

Hurt is the 3rd and probably the final remix in my BCM112 Digital Artifact.

It is a remix of 3 songs from the Hotline Miami 1 and 2 Official Sound track: Hydrogen, Roller Mobster and Acid Spit.

I picked these three songs for the remix because of the common theme in the music. They have a violent sub-tone and are connotative of the hyper-neon slasher video game that Hotline Miami defined.

This was probably the funnest of the 3 remixes to make. The songs had good BPM and were easy to beat match, plus they all sound awesome by themselves.

I also think that the quality in the remix is higher than the 2 preceding it.

Hope you enjoy the remix.41328_hotline_miami

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