A short conversation with Catherine Wilson.

Catherine Wilson is a gifted young writer with a healthy habit of documenting her day’s events, with details about interesting conversations and the pieces she finds in them.

“The goal is to be happy in my life and with what I’m doing”

I sat down with Cat on Tuesday to talk to her about her interests in journalism but quickly found she had a wealth of writing experience outside the field of journalism and study. She called it stupid but what she told me was far from it.

Some people use diaries to help keep themselves organised, or to help them keep important memories, but Cat writes for a different reason.

When I asked her if she writes about her days she laughed at me. “I don’t mean ‘yeah and then I woke up and had a shower and had breakfast’”  Cat notes interesting things she finds in conversations with people. “And I don’t mean a transcript. Just interesting things I find”

“I ran into Coben from class. We ended up going out for lunch and we had a really, really interesting conversation. And I wrote about that.”

I was blown away. Here I was without any structured interview questions trying hard to think about how I would find the interesting story, and Cat does this everyday. Just by asking good questions she’ll have an interesting conversation and then go home and write about it.“If studying journalism has taught me anything, it’s to ask questions. Those conversations make me feel at ease.”

“Sometimes I go back and read it but it can be bad. Sometimes situations turn, friendships that were once good change. It can be really bad”

But her books haven’t solely been for documenting important conversations. She notes her concerns and worries for her friends.

“My friend has been really fucked around. And he went on a date on friday, and I was really worried for him, so I wrote ‘I’m so worried for jake…’ And then he did end up getting fucked around so I wrote about that too.”

Cat writes to remember the conversations. “In times of craziness I can read it and think ‘ah that conversation with Harry was really great.’ Good conversations make me happy and give me peace.”

Cat is a very happy person. She has surrounded herself with positive people and built an amazing attitude. “The goal is to be happy in my life and with what I’m doing at uni and at home I write for me. I think it’s very therapeutic.”

After the interview Cat told me she was going to write about the conversation we just had. And now I am writing about one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in a long time. A short conversation with Catherine Wilson.

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