Remix Culture: Because it can always be worse

Go ahead. Laugh and cringe at how bad it is. I know it too!

This is laughable remix of last weeks lecture on remix culture.

Understandably, I am no bedroom producer and I claim to have no talent in the art of remixing. The point of this remix is to prove that anything can be remixed by anyone to create there own message.

You might find some amazing remixes on sound cloud or YouTube, but now the internet has my monstrosity.

And that’s the point of Remix Culture; not necessarily to make ears bleed or make people cry, but to take something, flip it, fix it, remix it and make it their own.

This is my remix and it’s rubbish!

4 thoughts on “Remix Culture: Because it can always be worse”

  1. Oh my goodness this is great! I secretly think we should all be DJ’s after these remixes…. Contact a touring company and set up a few shows at uni lecture halls… Ahah, but in all seriousness you hit the nail on the head with this one, anything can be twisted and manipulated to create something completely different! And in this case it was to create that exact message! Good post!

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  2. This is amazing! Remixing lecture recordings certainly makes listening to them a more interesting experience. I’d love to hear more stuff like this from you in the future as it’s clear you have a knack for it! Instead of simply writing and rehashing what was said in the lecture this was a very creative way to explain remix culture! Great work, Harry!


  3. You’re right it is a terrible remix, but that’s irrelevant in this context. Great practical way to demonstrate the accessibility of remix culture for everyone. It’s interesting how you decided to use voice recordings from the lecture as well as music in your remix.


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