JRNL101: Student Life

Student life can get pretty hazy. Lots of people leave home and the new freedom leads them to late alcohol fueled party nights. This can be the highlight of the years after high school for some, but it can lead to all sorts of problems in people who don’t have self-control. The balance between responsibility and freedom; between the work load and the party/relaxation time, can be a difficult walk to walk. Student life is about finding this balance and being in control of it.
Living away from home can be a testing experience for some. The qualities that have been taught over the first 18 years of your life can disappear in an instant. Tidiness and cleanliness are the first casualties of campus life, as some are inevitably sucked into a downward spiral of clutter and piggery. This is a rather sobering reality for some. Not to say that everyone will fall victim of laziness, Many can keep their tidy virtues during the transition. It’s just another struggle that university students face.


2 thoughts on “JRNL101: Student Life”

  1. I think this photo is great, regardless of the quality! I thought that the caption provided a lot more hidden information and providing and interesting insight into university! I would’t have thought to take an approach from inside a campus dorm – it is extremely effective and stepping outside the box. Great work I think. The photo contains cool elements that all suit the caption and the way you worded it flowed nicely.


  2. The “hazy” photo is a favourite of the student life photos I’ve seen so far. I like the incorporation of the focus (or lack there-of); I think it’s creative and clever. It portrays the story that you’re telling really well, working in balance with the text. Nice memes!


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