EULA: Apple’s answer to terrorism?

So one day, years from now, you’ll be organising you iTunes library, adding album art and changing the mp3 tags and sorting the whole library by artist. But you’ll be sitting there and you’ll think to yourself,

“Man, iTunes would be a great way to make nuclear weapons. Or better still, Biological weapons!”


Finally! You won’t have to keep mailing out anthrax packages; you can make an atomic/bio weapon with Apple’s music player. And good for you right?

Well unfortunately not.

While making your dirty bomb using the dangerous crossfader settings, iTunes gift cards that are secretly high-grade yellow cake uranium, volatile bit-rate playback and pirated Skrillex albums, you’re going to be discovered and arrested.

Bursting though your door will be the FBI counter terrorism task force, armed military, bomb disposal squad and an army of Apple lawyers.

You will be tried for terrorism, sentenced to life imprisonment and then sued.

“What on earth am I being sued for?” you will ask yourself.

Well because you broke the iTunes EULA.


Read that stuff. It could save you a lot of trouble.


3 thoughts on “EULA: Apple’s answer to terrorism?”

  1. Wow. You totally proved how no one reads EULA statements (I know I barely skim them. On a good day), but I’m wondering that perhaps if you were to do this again that a bit more info EULA statements. The blog just seems to get going when you cut it short! But you know how to grab a reader for sure!


  2. This post really engaged me Harry! Its interesting how noone reads the EULA statements, and i thought you explored that well. Very good post and I look forward to future blogs.


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